Miniwings Anti Fog Film

Miniwings Anti Fog Film

They say that self-recognition is a higher form of intelligence. But what if you cannot recognize yourself in the mirror after every shower? 

We all want to see ourselves clearly in the mirror when doing a lot of things, not for vanity’s sake but because there are parts of our body that cannot be viewed with our naked eyes. The inside of our mouth, for example, our ears, eyes, hair, nose, and more. So, after enjoying a hot shower, what could be more annoying than a foggy mirror? Wipe it once and it will be foggy again. Not when you have Miniwings Anti-Fog Film.

Enjoy making funny faces with your kids after a hot bath. Encourage them to brush your teeth and look at themselves in the mirror with goofy facial expressions. Grooming time is more fun when you can see your reflection clearly.

Miniwings Anti-Fog Film will keep that part of your mirror clear all the time: hot shower, warm breath or water splashes. Just stick the film on your mirror and enjoy seeing yourself when you comb your hair, wash your face, perform your grooming rituals, or pose for a selfie. With an easy to apply guide included in the package, you can apply the film on the first try and not worry about it anymore. It is also easy to remove and leaves no sticky residue.

The Miniwings Anti-Fog Film is the original product manufactured in South Korea. From the same manufacturer of the patented Miniwings Memo Board, this anti-fog film also observes the same high quality standard that is unmatched by other imitation brands or similar products claiming to be the original. With fun shapes and designs, you now have more reasons to smile at yourself visible in the mirror every day.

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