Miniwings Desktop Organizer

Miniwings Desktop Organizer

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The Uses are Limitless!
This has taken a pile of what was once seemingly junk and by organizing it made it into useful accessories and gizmo’s. This has literally organized my computer area so I can find what I need now.  - Ms. Rush

Perfect Space Saver and Organizational Product!
Being an executive assistant requires lots of organizational skills. I myself am also obsessed with keep my office space as organized as possible. Now I can easily get to what I want quicker, and can easily put it back in its home rather than throwing it somewhere causing clutter. Great product! - Devin

I am Loving This Little Caddy Organizer
I love the fact that I have something available for my tablet and my phone and a little extra items in this big enough to keep everything organized and I'm very happy with my purchase - Nicole Cannon

Lots of Compartments and Looks Nice!
My daughter has a logo design business that she runs from home and her desk was an absolute mess, so I got this for her. Let me start by saying that it arrived quickly and was packaged well for shipping. As for the organizer, she has gotten her desk in perfect order with this. The thing that she loved the most about it is the cord slot in the back so she could put her cell phone in it. And there are so many places in it to put different things like paper clips, thumb tacks, post it notes, all sorts of stuff! And you can slide one of the sections to make it bigger or smaller. It looks really nice as well. We're very happy with it and would suggest it to anyone looking to organize their desk area. - Becky Ayers

Sturdy and Versatile!
A simple product that does wonders when you need to stretch your storage space! Organization is a challenge for my son's home-schooling space and I am always looking for tools to help. This organizer ended up being much more than I expected! In addition to the five fixed cubbies, there is one large cubby (it shows in the pic as the three smaller sections down the center) that has a sliding insert to allow you to customize the size of the holes or you can remove it easily to make another large storage spot. The organizer is light-weight but very sturdy and made of wipe-clean plastic. It holds a huge amount of stuff but my favorite feature is the charging cord access on the back which makes it perfect for cell phone storage! We aren't, technically, using it to organize a desk; we are using it to hold the supplies on the entertainment center that serves as our schooling home-base and it's working perfectly! - Brandie

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