Miniwings Memo Board

Miniwings Memo Board

Couldn’t find the number of an important client you wrote down on a sticky note? Need a memo board but no more space on your small desk for it? Tired of losing the notes you scribbled down hurriedly when talking on the phone?

Amidst the paperwork and clutter on your desk, staying organized can be a challenge to a busy person as you. The Miniwings Memo Board will keep all the important details right in front of you.

From the original manufacturer of the patented product in South Korea, Miniwings brings you The Memo Board that has been developed and improved through the years for better quality compared to other counterfeit products.

The Miniwings Memo Board is a brilliant way to keep your work desk neat and organized. Simply attach the memo board on the edge of your computer screen and start sticking your to-do lists, reminders list, and meeting memo on it. Use it as a cue board to remind you of important details during a video conference. Or post inspiring quotes and photos to keep you motivated at work.

A special adhesive that is sturdy enough to keep the board in place but not too strong to crack your monitor screen when detaching it has been designed for this purpose and does not use 3M or other known adhesives that are tough to remove. It is simple to attach and easy to detach without leaving dirty marks on your computer screen. Use it on both sides of your monitor to hold more notes without adding clutter to your desk.

Forget about the cell phone holder, the built-in clips or other unnecessary extensions offered by other memo boards. Miniwings Memo Board wants it functional and organized so we keep it plain and simple. Made up of a light, clear material, it will not add weight to your computer monitor while holding up all the details to make your life easier and put your mind at ease.


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Please DO NOT use an imitation or counterfeit product.
We test one of the fake products and this is what happened to my monitor.

Lisa Lin
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