Miniwings Pop up Cards

Miniwings Pop up Cards

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I would be so happy to receive a card like this!
These cards are very impressive. They are all different sizes, and come packaged with a matching envelope, in a plastic bag, and all 5 are put into a plastic box. They will be impressive to give with a gift and as a set of 5 could actually make a good gift on their own. I can't explain how nice these cards are. The cards are so nice. - Melissa

Handmade Card for Any Occasion!
I have family that live all over and it's hard to always a good feeling to see they still remember your birthday or holiday when you simply get a card in the mail the old fashioned way. I like to keep cards in stock for times like these. My daughter loved them and wanted to give them to everyone in her class. I love this product and the great quality of labor that I feel went into making this product so great! - Devin

Very High Quality - They Look Hand-crafted!
These are so much nicer than the picture! I like to think that I'm pretty crafty, and I've bought several kits that are supposed to result in handmade cards that look like these but they never do! The first thing I noticed when I opened them, is that they are made of heavy, high-quality card and paper stock; there is absolutely nothing cheap looking about them! Each one is individually sealed in a cellophane envelope to protect it until you are ready to use it and they, of course, each come with a matching mailing envelope (also of high-quality paper stock). All of my cards were absolutely perfect - they were properly aligned, the cuts were all perfect and the interior "pop upsups" are beyond amazing. This product was provided to me for review purposes but I honestly don't see how you can go wrong with them! - purposes but I honestly don't see how you can go wrong with them! - purposes but I honestly don't see how you can go wrong with them! - ups" are beyond amazing. - Brandie

High-end Birthday Cards! Thick and Good Quality. 
What interesting birthday cards. It's important to note here that there is no writing in these cards. They are blank cards with very cool pop up scenes. These are very intricate things and I found them to be very interesting and detailed. I think it will be nice to be able to write whatever you want in these cards. You can definitely make them your own.I was satisfied with the quality and the packaging of the product. Everything was nice neat and orderly. Everything came with an envelope. The cards themselves were thick and so where the envelopes. These are definitely high-end birthday cards. You would probably pay double anywhere else. Great Value definitely worth the buy. - Becky Ayers

Puts Hallmark to Shame, Very Beautiful and Elaborate!
When you get these cards they may look simple on the outside. The front cover has a die cut style picture. Nothing too fancy, it maintains a casual appearance. A neutral background color makes this card good for any person. Male or female, old or young. The card seems like a regular card, nothing out of the ordinary, but then…. you open it up. POP goes the entire center section into this voluptuously vivid 3D creation that is handmade with care and dedication. The time and creativity this took is outstanding. This is so impressive. It has that wow factor you want. It is breathtaking how in depth the detail is. It really seems with this pack that every other card varies in the degree of detail the card contains. One card might have two butterflies and the next card might have an entire village inside. Giving you a fair share of each detailed degree in the pack. These cards are really a gift itself. They are magnificent. I put one on display in my glass hutch to admire because I was thrilled at the work that went into this. As a crafter I can appreciate the time and work it takes to create things of this nature. It takes a very steady hand and patient let alone the time. The quality is highly impressive and exceeded my expectations. Very beautiful and elaborate. This is something that really puts Hallmark to shame. A true keepsake. Definitely recommended and would re purchase this product. - Aly Rush

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