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Miniwings was born out of a simple motherly duty for a daughter.

A single mom who had recently lost her husband to cancer, and her desire to bring color and joy into her daughter’s life.

Just as many a mom has done, company founder Lisa Lin was in search of stationary for her daughter.

Scanning shelves and scouring aisles, she was struck by the bleak, lack of color of the stationary available.

How are kids supposed to inspire, imagine and believe with such dull creative tools, Lisa thought to herself?

And with this vision for boundless imagination and inspiration for her daughter, Miniwings came to be.

From these maternal beginnings, Miniwings has grown to feature an array of uniquely inspiring and colorful products for kids and the young at heart alike.

Our products make the home and office bright and inspiring. Making them places you want to be. Places where you can create, learn and inspire.

Lisa continues to select each product as if she is picking it for her daughter, personally visiting suppliers and testing products every which way.

Our products are sourced exclusively from small suppliers. We give their products mini wings, helping them take flight into the lives of our customers across the world.

No mass, factory-line products.

No generic items found on shelves everywhere.

Having lost her husband to cancer, Lisa knows the plight of families impacted by cancer and the pressure that rests on the shoulders of single moms across the world.

Because of this experience, Miniwings dedicates a percentage of profits to Helping Hands for Single Moms and Cancer.org.

With a flutter of a butterfly’s wing, Miniwings strives to brighten your world, and the lives of single moms and those impacted by cancer.

Thank you

10.15. 2016

Lisa Lin, a mother


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